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Cowboy Hip Hop

Press play.

Ho-ly shyte 

Oh oh oh my gosh! Hip Hop Country, I can hardly believe this isn’t an SNL skit. Watch Heidi and Susan introduce themselves but don’t drink anything or eat crackers at the same time or you’ll need paper towels.


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I’ve had an odd week

School started but I was only there 3 days.
I asked for luck for stuff with my son (and received good wishes, thank you) but alas it was to no avail. This too shall pass.

The middle child is playing football now. The team as a whole sucks but every game my son seems to stand out in some way and impress the coach.

Ran into an old friend from my misspent youth days at one of the games. They imparted info that “the guy” from back then, the one it took years to rid my mind of wants to talk to me. I guess that happens when one of the old bunch dies suddenly.

I still haven’t talked to him, not sure if I will.