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1. This vacation is nice. Watched the sunrise on the beach again today.

2. I’ve been to Daytona and can cross it off my list, no need to return

3. It is possible to go to the beach with skin cancer and not get burned.

4. My liver will need a break when this is over.

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Weirdest teacher training ever today

We had to be trained in groups of 5 today on administering emergency asthma/allergy medication.

That wasn’t the weird part.

One child has frequent seizures.

In the event of a bad one, We were told we needed to roll the child on their side and insert medication rectally.

And then…,

Massage the “cheeks” to keep the medicine in!

I’m sorry, I could not sign off on that one.

The looks of horror in the room were priceless.

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